Monday, April 22, 2013

Daxs 2 Month Stats

Weight:13.2 84th percentile 
Height:24 inches 86th percentile
Head: 15.75
Hair: dark brown, starting to spike on its own
Eyes: greyish blue
Likes: Dax is a really good baby he likes to lay on his back and watch his mommy and daddy make funny faces at him. He does not like his car seat he likes to be free to move around.He is always kicking his legs and likes to be held so he is standing so he can look around and jump. 
Tricks: He is cooing and smiling more and more each day. 

Daxs first time in the ocean he was not that crazy about it. He just likes to chill in his bouncy chair in the shade and watch his mom and dad swim. These videos are pretty funny we are way more excited about it then him.

Dax One Month

Daxs One Month Stats

Weight: 10 .7
Head: 14 .5

  Length:  22.5
Hair color: dark Brown
Eye color: grey with a hint of blue
Likes: Dax is a really happy and chill baby he likes a lot of attention. He likes to be held and rocked, he is really friendly and will go to anyone. Dax likes being outside and going on walks in his baby bjorn with his daddy!
Tricks: Dax has started to smile more then just the sleepy smiles. We can usually get him to do it in the morning. He has also started to co a little bit. He is starting to be more observant and I think he knows who his mommy and daddy are!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Daxton's Birth

So it is decided I am officially the worlds worst blogger my baby is already almost four months old so I guess that means it is time to put on some updates about him. So I will start with his birth Dax was born after 33 hours of labor and 3 and a half long hours of pushing. They had to use the vacuum on him twice so he came out with quite the cone head. His heart rate also dropped way down so they had to immediately rush him away and resuscitate him. That part was pretty scary I didn't hear him cry for about five minutes. He was a little fighter though and came around pretty quickly. I got to hold him for a couple of minutes before they took him away to the nursery to monitor him. But he did really good Mark got to give him his first bath and I got to go see him in the nursery after I got all cleaned up and nurse him. He did great and took right to it, which I'm so happy about because they had to give him a bottle and a binky before I could nurse him. He spent his first night in the nursery on oxygen but they where able to take him of the next morning and he was back in our room in time to watch the BYU game with his daddy that afternoon. We checked out of the hospital bright and early the next morning and made the drive home just in time for Marks game. We took him up to meet the team before the game they where all so excited Dax was their mascot. Me and my mom and Dax went home while Mark went to his game, they won and dedicated the game to baby Dax. Dax is such a good baby it was a very emotional experience getting him here, I think that Mark and my mom where almost as tired as me, but he is so worth it. 

Stats at birth
Weight: 8.02 oz
Height: 20.5 inches
Eye color: grey
Hair: lots of dark brown hair
Likes: Dax loves to be sung to, ever since his first night when he was crying if one of us would sing to him he would just calm right down.


Twiner arm bands

We are so in love with this little boy.
watching their first BYU game together

My poor little beat up boy had to be hooked up to all these wires for a night

The first time Dax got to meet his daddy

The second time I got to hold my baby.

Dax's first time getting held by his grandma she had to wait until the morning after he was born.

Dax's first bath
Going home. He looks so small!!!
Wishing the team good luck!!